Greater Faith Temple

Church of God In Christ

Our History of The Alpha 'le Omega TRINITY Chapel: From 1885 To Present Today!

The Greater Faith Temple: Alpha 'le Omega TRINITY Chapel was founded by God, established by the Holy Spirit, and organized in the year of our Lord, 1885, under the leadership of our late founder, the Reverend Louis D. Oswald, DD (1860-1947) as "Faith Church". The word Faith was suggested by the late First Lady, Mother Reitta Oswald, and adopted by Christian friends. Our first location, in 1890, was ground-broken at 5203 Vendor, New Orleans, Louisiana. We resided there from October of 1890 to Mid-1913. In 1913, we moved to Detroit, Michigan due to a fire that destroyed our first building. Later on in 1917, we ground-broke into our 2nd location at 14200 Westwood Street, Detroit, MI 48203. We were praising God in a new church building! In 1923, we marched into our auditorium. In 1932, we duly installed the Rev. Edwin David Pate as Assistant Pastor. Life for us was going great under the leadership of our Lord. But He also changes plans for us as well. In mid-1937, Pastor Oswald fell ill and in 1938, was forced to discharge his duties as Pastor. The Late Rev. E.D. Pate served from 1938 to 1939. In August of 1939, we received the late Rev. John H. Norris, DD as Pastor/Overseer. Under the leadership of Pastor Norris, GFT has seen a tremendous turn-around with worshiping the Lord. In 1942, the Rev. E.D.Pate was called Home from labor to Reward, but that didn't stop us. Soon after, in 1943, Pastor John Norris was installed as Presiding Pastor of the National Baptist Convention, by the late Bishop I. F. Huffington of Georgia Memorial Baptist Church in Savannah, GA. Later in 1946, however, our building on Westwood Street burned and we had another tragedy a year later: The Late Rev. L.D.Oswald was called Home from labor to reward on March 16, 1947.  In 1951, we received notice to ground-break our 3rd building; construction lasted many years. In 1963, Pastor Norris, Sr.was falling ill, so ill that in 1964, he was to discharged from his pastoral duties. It was by God's blessings that He made us received Pastor L.W.Norris, DD as Pastor/Overseer of GFT.  Pastor Norris was installed as Pastor/Overseer from the National Baptist Convention, Inc. by the Honorable Reverend John H. Johnson. Later on, Pastor Norris founded the International Faith Assemblies of The World. During that time, we marched into our 3rd auditorium and continued worship services at our Westwood location. Through the years we made a way to continue worshipping the Lord one way or the other. Sadly the Rev. J.H.Norris was called Home from labor to Reward, but we still continued. In 2009 , the Lord looked and sought that we had outgrown our worship faculity, but Satan caused a fire to our worship building and moved us to Bishop Norris' home on Warwick and Acacia. In 2010, we received word to re-ground break a new location and in March of 2012, we marched into our new spacious Worship Center: 21305 Westview Street, Ferndale, MI 48220 and to finalize things, God had to change our name from Hill of Faith  to Greater Faith Temple. To sum things up, we are really moving by faith now!