Greater Faith Temple

Church of God In Christ

About Our Pastor, Lincoln W. Norris, DD

He was a man who did more than “talk” faith. He lived it.  L.W.Norris  came to a church on the verge of collapsing. No electricity, no water, no nothing. Total indebtedness was in the thousands, and church income less than $0.10 a week!

"He was a man that was refusing to give up, despite the odds..."

It was his opening sermon. What would he say? Clearly, he opened his mouth and words filled it.

Out came praise—“He was a man that was refusing to give up, despite the odds of this church."  He sang it boldly, and then a prophetic word: “Don’t worry! God will send help we know not of.”

Yes, Elder Lincoln Norris had stepped into trouble, but through the grace and mercy of God he would step out in victory! After several years of struggle, the turnaround came. The tear-down never happened, the bills renegotiated and paid in full. The sanctuary filled to capacity with people eager to hear the fiery young preacher from Georgia.

God would use him to make Greater Faith one of the most respected ministries in the country. To know this great man was a special treat: an anointed, charismatic, focused man, with so full of compassion and love. Add to that a double portion of God’s favor, and you have the man that GFT and Detroit loved.

It was under Bishop Norris that GFT saw the establishment and so much more that could be said about this awesome man of God, but words could never express all that he was to so many.

He would tell you that his success came from the fact that he was a “servant.” Indeed, he served well. If it were possible to tell him today that the GFT is now a reality, his response would be predictable. “No doubt! This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my eyes.” - Pastor L.W.Norris

So in conclusion, we are "Living By Faith, Not By Sight" for God!

I Corinthians 5:7